Internet Lending with Intro XL:

The team at Intro XL provides an automated, fully integrated, turn-key payday and installment loan solution.

What does a "turn-key solution" mean?

We can set you up with an end to end lending solution without involving 3rd party technical people and get started with little or no technical knowledge at a low nominal cost.

Why should we do business with Intro XL?

In addition to our state of the art, turn-key lending solution, and industry knowledge; we also connect you with valuable partners to transmit money and making credit decisions. Having the right solution can dramatically reduce fraud and bad loans.

What are the upfront costs?
  • We will build you a basic website for $995 (Optional).
  • Integrate the Internet Lending Interface, electronic signature (3-page document and your customer portal for $1,600 (Required).
  • We will install your lending system on your web hosting account for $150 (Optional).
What are the Intro XL monthly costs?

Please contact us for a price quote.

What else do I get?

We also include automated interfaces for services like CL Verify, Teletrack, Advantage ACH, Veritrac and Veritec at no additional cost.

What else am I responsible for?

You will also be responsible for purchasing a web hosting account. These accounts, typically, start at around $20/month. This web hosting account needs the following minimum requirements:
  • Windows Server with IIS
  • .NET 2.0 or higher
  • MS SQL minimum 200mb
Can you recommend a webhost for for Internet lending website?

Sure, we recommend any of the following companies:
  • Verio
  • Crystaltech
  • Godaddy
How can I get started?

You can have a team member from Intro XL contact you by clicking HERE.